​Contacting Dr. Brown

I am available to speak with any size group, or with individuals. Over the past few years I have done:  

  • large and small group presentations live and by video link
  • professional development seminars
  • discussions
  • counselling with parents, grandparents and other carers
  • newspaper, magazine, radio and television interviews
  • book signings
  • book readings in classrooms and libraries

I can be reached by email at jimbrowncdn@hotmail.com.

My books are available in many libraries in North America and the United Kingdom.

All of my books are available for purchase online from Xlibris.com or from virtually all online book stores. They are available in ebook and paper format.

Anyone wishing copies of the Books for Boys in quantities of 10 or more should contact me directly as I am able to offer substantial discounts for bulk orders. 

​                                          Contact me at:       


                        Beaverton                                                                                                Cannington

              Sunderland                                                                                               Pefferlaw

"If you could do it alone, you would have done it already." - Harvey Brooker